 JCT staff is back to normal and work in full force. However, due to the fact that all berths are fully occupied and yard is full, cargo operation is getting affected and terminal is unable to achieve high performance. Also most of the feeders are getting shifted out after making inward connections which is resulting navigational congestion, too many ships are waiting outside for berthing slots.

 CICT – not accepting any feeder vessel due to impact is more at CICT with direct exposure to bad weather and wind which resulting time to time stoppage of cargo operation, current berthing delay stands at 3 days.

 SAGT – current berthing delay is 24 -30 hrs for main line vessel while leaving no chance for the vessels calling out of window.

 JCT- berth delays for feeder vessels is going up to 72-90 hrs, too many shifting are also affecting the terminal performance. ITT backlog is huge, some of the mainline vessels are calling JCT instead of CICT due to the prevailing issue there.

 It is projected that it will take at least 04-05 days to ease off the current berthing/sailing delays and to shorten the port stays.

 Weather – Windy and rainy.

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