QC Platform (Inspection Centre)

Independence Inspection Centre.

FML has launched the First-ever exclusive "Independence Inspection Centre" in Bangladesh, a Quality Control & Consolidation Platform at Dhaka enabling Retailers to perform a complete check on their manufactured merchandise before being consolidated into containers or palletized for Airfreight.

The "Independence Inspection Centre" hosts two Quality Control rooms totaling 2,000.00 Square Feet, and 20,000.00 square feet of Consolidation area spanning into two separate Client specific warehouses.

The "Independence Inspection Centre" is located at Tongi, Dhaka. Merchandise rejected by the Quality Controllers can be shipped back to the factory(s) on the same day, and with in the working hours of the QC Platform.

The "Independence Inspection Centre" is supported by its own power generation capabilities having 24x7 work hours with the exception of two Religious Holidays annually.

QC Brochure


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